How to successfully form a company in Spain?

Like with any other kind of business transaction, when you are about to form a company in Spain, you will have to seek for the legal advice of Law firms in Spain, from whom you will learn how to properly obtain your company or franchise paperwork, have everything in order, with lawyers in Spain you can safely start your own business.

In this article, we’ll help you with some advice on how to form a company in Spain, so you will not go blindly into the franchise work.

One of the websites, we always recommend to our clients is this one: companyformation.es, where you will find advices for your business.

What business are you starting?

Answer this question truthfully and easily, you must always be clear when it comes to the kind of business or franchise you are about to embark yourself to, likewise, this new company could be one of the real estate world, such enterprise need a type of distinction, it would do you well to hire a real estate lawyer in Spain. If for example, you are about to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, you better find a law firm who will represent your brand. And so on, you can always be certain that any company you begin must every legal file in order.

The legal paperwork

If you are a foreign business person starting their company in Spain, you will need to have a CIF. The CIF is the “Codigo de Identificacón Fiscal” in Spanish, which is a tax identification number that your business must have, in order for it to begin been operative.

On the contrary, if you are an individual, seeking to start your new franchise, you will still this kind of identification number only, it would the NIF, which stands for “Número de Identificación Fiscal” in Spanish, fiscal identification number; both, the individuals and the companies, or rather their representative, will need the NIE, “Número de Identificación Español”, this number will be asked of you, when you are signing up any professional paperwork.

When you start to form a company in Spain, the best thing you can possible do, is hire a lawyer or a law firm, as we have mentioned before, and it would be wise that they have bilingual lawyers, so they can fend for themselves if they need to call to Spain.

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