IREA-AII Background

IREA-AII Company History

  • 2000 – Develops several real estate portals and IT systems for the advertising of real estate online.
  • 2003 – Develops Real Estate Network (REN): an online property-advertising network. Real estate agencies in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Argentina start to share their properties.
  • 2006 – El Pais Newspaper in Spain recognizes the importance of REN in the process of buying and selling homes by the Spanish in Argentina, and publishes the subsequent article:
  • The IREA-AII, identifies that although the REN system works exactly as it was designed to, the estate agencies in question were demanding web positioning solutions that exceeded the scope of REN in addition to the advertising services being delivered. They wanted to win buyers locally and internationally via the Internet, at low costs.
  • Online real estate advertising was becoming very competitive, preventing small and medium-sized estate agencies from attracting buyers through the Internet.
  • This is a common factor in Internet marketing: customer demand for high quality services and immediate results, for free or as close to free as possible.

This was a big challenge and at first it seemed an impossible task.

After years of development, the solution took the name of the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII), the world’s largest network of online property-advertising websites, with more than 600 real estate portals worldwide.

Thanks to the know-how, experience and knowledge gained in specialising in online real estate marketing for more than 10 years, the IREA-AII was strengthened and consolidated in conjunction with specialist programmers, search engine optimisation experts, web designers, and marketing professionals.

Today IREA-AII is the most effective and economical way to publicise a home for sale or rent, with over a million visitors a week on a local, national and international level.

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