IREA-AII Franchises

What is an IREA-AII Franchise?

All of the 600 IREA-AII websites are or can be franchised. The franchisee receives a website that is fully operational, and equipped with the software required to sell the IREA-AII property advertising services.

In return for their initial investment, the franchise holder receives a business that is already established in the market, with a proven formula for success. This minimises the inherent risks considerably, and with the support and advice of the franchiser’s expert team the franchise holder’s starting position is strong.

There are three franchise models: Single Operator Franchises, Management Franchises and Investment Franchises, depending on the level of your initial investment. Please see here for more information regarding the different categories of IREA-AII franchises available.

Portal exclusivity is guaranteed, and territorial exclusivity is available to those who wish to reduce competition in their chosen area from other IREA-AII franchisees.

Our experts will explain and advise each candidate on the best franchise option for them, according to the expectations they have in terms of profit sought with respect to the investment made, and will explain the work required to achieve their goals.

How does the franchise work?

An IREA-AII franchise holder has the potential to earn considerable returns on investment, within a short time of starting the franchise. The business model is simple and effective, and requires little training so you can be up and running in no time.

The Single Operator Franchise holder will principally concentrate on commercial sales. In the Management Franchises, the franchisee will mainly undertake the management and coordination of a sales team, and as for the Investment Franchises, the franchisee should have the capacity to invest heavily in advertising, which will in turn ensure high returns with minimal franchisee input.

Should the Investment franchise holder wish to take a more hands on approach to their franchise, they may resell or sub-franchise any or all portals to independent operators, apportioning their commissions and charging royalties. The IREA-AII will be happy to guide you should you choose this option.

For every client that advertises on your website you receive a commission. Selling this advertising space is the core of your business, and with the IREA-AII multiple listings system it could not be easier. What better sales pitch, than guaranteeing your clients advertising space on 600 portals for the price of one?

You keep track of your sales and commissions on a control panel, but do not have to worry about billing your clients – the IREA-AII takes care of that. Simply focus on building and maintaining the relationship with your customers – repeat trade is always a staple of successful business.

Many business-owner ‘headaches’ such as set-up costs, improvements and upgrades, brand recognition, troubleshooting and establishing oneself in the market have already been taken care of by the franchiser. The franchise holder pays a monthly royalty fee and a yearly advertising investment, which are used solely for the purposes of ensuring the smooth running and promotion of their website.

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