Ideal Franchise Candidate

The IREA-AII is looking for franchise candidates with the following characteristics:

  • You are a motivated self-starter: Self-starters are constantly looking for ways in which they can improve on what they are already doing, and learn more than what they already know. Motivation, initiative and a willingness to succeed will see the ideal franchisee through the harder times, and set them up for the future.
  • You are able to strictly follow the business model: The IREA-AII is offering franchise opportunities because we already have a winning business model and have proven that it can be reproduced. We have over 10 years experience in Internet marketing to share with our franchisees and your training and support continues once you have your business up and running.
  • You have good interpersonal skills and a great attitude: As franchise holder, you are always in a position of liaison between the franchiser and the customer – so you need to be able to work well with others. Owning a franchise is like being a business partner in a large corporation. You work not only for your own profit, but also for the good of the whole company.
  • You have a good business record: It goes without saying that your reputation in business must be one of integrity and adherence to good business practice. If you have no previous business experience to speak in your favour, this does not rule you out as an ideal candidate. As long as you have a clean credit record and fulfil the other criteria you may still be the franchisee we are looking for.

Will you be our newest franchisee? Contact the IREA-AII today.

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