US Franchise: new-york-real-estate-directory.com

Franchise Holders: Brian and Simon Anderson

My father and I manage the International Real Estate Alliance franchise New York Real Estate Directory. With a good credit rating and a commercial background, my father had all of the necessary requirements to be considered an IREA-AII franchisee, and I was interested in starting my career with his guidance and experience, eventually being able to take over when he retires.

We looked into various franchises, and my father was initially interested in traditional service provider options but after much deliberation we decided instead to go into Internet marketing with the IREA-AII. For a relatively low initial investment we gained a flexible online business we can run from our home office, which generates demonstrable returns. There is no merchandise to buy, no outlet to refurbish and we have no current need for staff, though we may look into that option later as the business grows.

Our business is based around sale of advertising to real estate agents and individual vendors. As part of our initial training we were advised on a simple and effective business plan, and by sticking to it we have made an excellent start, exceeding our hopes for our first two quarters in business. We have great feedback from our clients, who say that they receive many more inquiries with us than with any other website they have advertised on, because their properties appear directly in the top 10 Google search results.

Our website was fully operational and established before it was offered to us as a franchise unit, meaning that we already appear in the Google top 10 for the keywords ‘New York real estate directory’. We have a PageRank of 4, which is excellent.

We are very pleased so far with the progress of our franchise, and have no hesitation in recommending this option to others in search of a flexible and profitable business opportunity.

Spanish Franchise: nx-cb.com

Franchise Holders: Jacob Sutherland and Partners

For many years I had been running businesses for other people. After my most recent position as the Regional Manager of a software development company was eliminated due to the economic climate, I decided it was time to put my energy into running my own business. Two of my team members were also made redundant during the recession, and we decided to go into business together.

Having been in the IT industry, my partners and I initially looked into starting our own online business. However, after hiring an e-commerce consultant to undertake a competitive research analysis we were dismayed by the initial set-up costs. We would have to invest in Internet marketing including search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), and automated data collection systems, to name just a few of the requirements. Not to mention that with a new business, it can take a year before you start to see any returns. So instead we started investigating proven and established online business opportunities and came across the International Real Estate Alliance franchise network.

With the IREA-AII, all of these initial investments have already been made before the franchisee is ever involved. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on setting up our own web-based company, we spent considerably less buying into our franchise and have seen much higher returns than our consultant forecast for us with our own business.

NX-CB specialises in sale of advertising to estate agents on the Costa del Sol who wish to target the British market. Typing ‘Apartments for sale Costa del Sol’ into Google will bring up our portal. As IT professionals, my partners and I all know the importance of good Internet marketing. We are impressed with the PageRank of the IREA-AII network’s portals (ours recently increased to an incredible PageRank 7) and the consistency with which both our portal and the individual listings appear in the top 10 search results.

The IREA-AII has been an excellent franchiser, offering comprehensive training, ongoing support and sound business advice. We go from strength to strength, and now have a small team of sales staff to handle the volume of clients. I can confidently speak for my partners when I say that we are more than satisfied with our franchise.

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