Online Property Advertising Franchises

Online Property Advertising Franchises

When you  franchise a portal from the International Real Estate Alliance – Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional (IREA-AII), you are receiving an operational online business, belonging to our network of over 580 websites. We have the largest property advertising network in the world, and the most efficient multiple listings system on the Internet.

Franchises start from $10 000, an amount you can easily recover – and more –  in your first year of business. Please browse our site at leisure, to find out more information about this exciting business opportunity.

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What is the IREA-AII?

What is the IREA-AII?

The International Real Estate Alliance – Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional (IREA-AII) is a network of over 600 real estate advertising portals with true international coverage. Each of the websites is fully independent, with its own domain name and target market; but each is also linked to all the others, so that a client may list a property on multiple websites at the same time, for the price of listing on one.

Why is the IREA-AII Franchising?

We see franchising as a mutually beneficial situation.

For the franchise holder:

  • An exciting business opportunity – this is a rapidly growing industry with the potential to generate a lot of wealth.
  • Profits that truly reflect your input – you can see the immediate benefits of your efforts.
  • The opportunity to build a valuable asset – your business with the IREA-AII has potential for massive growth, giving you and your family financial freedom and security.

For the IREA-AII:

  • Greater brand awareness – the success of your portal will help raise the profile of the network.
  • Wider product distribution – using your contacts and your sales angles, we can reach more people.
  • Greater economies of scale – it costs the same to promote a network that has 600 websites, as a network with 1000. With your help, we can reduce per-portal costs, leaving us more capital to invest in improving the service.

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